Who am I?

Mover, Shaker, Maker & Doer

An inquisitive graphic and UI designer who lives off of meaningful human-centered design and is constantly striving to learn new things.

Hello, I’m Araya like a-ray-a sunshine. I grew up in a small mountain community just outside of Boulder, CO. I am a graduate in Digital Design from CU Denver. My aesthetic is straightforward: try to capture interesting people, places, things and moments in time and make them as meaningful as possible, hence why story and narrative are dear to my heart when it comes to design. From responsive web design to motion graphics and branding, I have a knack for many softwares that require an artistic vision and an elegant execution.

When it comes to design in the work field, I like to keep things intuitive. As Paul Rand says, “Design is so simple that’s why it’s so complicated.” I find intuitive design the most difficult to execute but feel the most satisfied with my work when I put in the effort to research and develop the most inherent solution. I put my technical design and creative skills at the service of client projects and I believe human-centered design creates business value and can reshape our behavior. I am currently freelancing and contracting. Before that, I was a graphic designer at the Digital Ad Agency, 9thWonder formerly known as Carbon8.  


My Values

  • Spontaneity

  • Diligence

  • Integrity

  • Stoicism

  • Eccentricity


Bucket List

  • Make a cook book

  • Learn calligraphy and hand lettering

  • Get a bright orange fohawk

  • Milk a cow

  • Learn the didgeridoo (circular breathing)



  • Art and design, duh

  • Gizmos and gadgets

  • Stargazing and campfires

  • Being a crazy dog lady

  • International food consuming


Interesting facts

  • Chocolate doesn’t like me

  • I swam with dolphins in Africa

  • I’m good at stereograms

  • Breakdancing is my sport

  • I’m just a human. Being.