The Project

For this project, I was tasked to develop a complete brand including; logo, packaging and a responsive website to represent Briq Nutrition’s take on an all-in-one, organic health supplement.

About the Company - The biggest question: Why is it so hard to find supplements that are all natural, no artificial sweeteners or flavoring? Ryan Panck, founder of Briq Nutrition set out to making his own line of supplements.

The Challenge

As lead designer for Briq Nutrition, I was faced with the task of developing a sophisticated, multi-functional web platform that boasts the possibilities for health conscious clients that want to better their performance. A challenge for me was to make this brand and site appeal to a variety of personas. Working closely with the client, I successfully created a novel approach for a health supplement brand. The result? An elegant and efficient website which allows users to purchase products while learning the benefits of organic supplements.


Homepage static slides

UI animation interaction of homepage



This site was a blast, I had free rein to do what I wanted. The fact we got to brand this company from ground up really let my creativity run loose. Color palette, responsive website and UI/UX interactions were my creations. I created a design system that included fonts, color palette, imagery, icons, and interactive states. The client requested other collateral that included a business card and packaging for their product.



This was my first time designing for an e-commerce platform. I had to take into consideration simplifying the shopper’s journey with a faster checkout than its competitors. My goal was to deliver a memorable design but to not lose light on user experience.


Interior page templates for Briq Nutrition

Below are the Photoshop screenshots of the interior page template mockups created in Photoshop which was a client request. Briq Nutrition is an e-commerce website.


Packaging design

Briq Packaging.png

Logo & Business Cards

My coworker’s logo got chosen but it was a close tie. The client chose the color palette of my logo design, which I brightened up based on client feedback.


My Logo design


Packaging Exploration



Unfortunately, this was a one-man company and I don’t think he had the funding to get this business off the ground. It’s always hard to view broken pages like their product page of their current site. I don’t think he was able to manage a store or follow through with social media campaigns that were in the works.