“Filament is a Blockchain technology company that creates new value for today’s businesses.” Filament is a Comprehensive Enterprise Blockchain Solution Provider that provides products, services and support. Filament needed to refresh their brand, messaging and online presence, establish clear competitive differentiators and empower their sales team to quickly and impactfully tell their story. As they were expanding, they wanted their messaging and online presence to better reflect the level of innovation and expertise shown in their products and services.


The new website needed to appeal as much to prospective clients as to consumers, and have a back-end that was easy for their team to frequently update. This was a joint project with another designer on my team at 9thWonder. Together we established a look and feel that sought to establish a fresh look in an all too saturated tech market, and eloquently explain a hard to grasp blockchain company. Much of Filaments offerings dont yet exist and are tailored to customers needs. Our goal was to present a powerful story to investors and potential clients.


Filament in Action



We designed and developed a highly interactive website, with all kinds of explorable user interface animations that emphasize the luxury and sophistication of the offering.


Filament project ultimately resulted in concise, consistent messaging explaining a difficult concept, site's content structure to focus on their end-user and enable better lead generation.



We worked together with Filament to conceive a responsive and dynamic homepage treatment with custom UI interactions, which brought the company’s brand to life. We created a website that was as engaging as it was set apart in the tech space. Since launch, traffic continues to trend upward, and users are engaging with the site with below average bounce rates and above average pages per session.