The Project

360 Managed Solutions came to 9thWonder looking for a brand for their child company, Onesta Solar. Onesta Solar, “offers the opportunity to support locally produced sustainable energy without having to install solar panels on your property.” They were looking for a solution to a brand that educates and offers services for potential customers to find Community Solar providers near them with an easy to navigate search finder.

The Challenge

I was faced with the task of developing a modern yet approachable, web platform that functions as a search finder tool for customers. A challenge for me was to make this site educational and intuitive. My goal was to produce an engaging, elegant solution that brings joy to the users. Additionally, I ensured to deliver business value with an intuitive user experience for humans looking to make a positive impact towards sustainability.


Homepage static slides



Onesta Solar not only informs audiences what solar energy is, but gives the audience a glimpse of the experience digitally in a visually engaging way. The vision of my future target audience was to inform the audience effectively by visually organizing the right information.



A challenge was to design simple, fun and friendly illustrations. While many of these illustrations are bits and pieces from a library, making these look like the brand and consistent with Solar farms was a fun challenge. I wanted to give a welcoming, and earth-friendly vibe offering a feeling of trust.

#2 Illustration.png

Interior page templates


Logo and Exploration



Mobile in action